3rd & 4th August 2018
Vivary Park


Classes I Wish to Enter:
  • Display Classes
  • Flowers and Pot Plants
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Novices
  • Cookery, Preserves and Craftwork
  • Fine Art and Textile Art
  • Photography
  • Floral Art and Floristry
  • Mixed Groups
  • Young People
  • Home Made Wine and Beer

Classes Application

The schedule of classes is published in January each year and can be downloaded here.

The schedule contains all the class information and other important information about entering and should be referred to. 

You may enter by either:

1. using the paper entry form and posting or delivering by hand to us, or

2, entering online now. To apply online for your entry into a class or classes, select the classes you wish to enter from 'Classes I wish to enter' display on this web page (usually to the right or lower down) and then fill out the form below these instructions. Please give us your age IF 17 OR UNDER.

Please note you should refer to the full paper schedule as the class descriptions given here are abbreviated and there is further information in the schedule.

Alternatively, If you would like a schedule sent by post, please and fill out the form below and check the box titled "Send a schedule to your address?".

Your entry forms / online registration must be received by us by 30th July 2018