5th & 6th August 2022
Vivary Park

How to enter the Competition Classes 2022

These instructions are for general guidance only. You should make sure you have read and understood the Flower Show Regulations

a) We welcome all amateur exhibitors to enter the competition classes and particularly encourage beginners and young people. Some classes or divisions are restricted to members of particular groups, are for novices or are for particular children’s age groups. These are shown in this booklet.
Please make sure that you enter your exhibit in the correct class and follow all special instructions very carefully to avoid being disqualified as “not according to schedule”.

b) You must tell us which classes you wish to enter before the closing date of 5pm on Monday, 1 August 2022. You can do this through our website www.tauntonfs.co.uk/competitive-overview. or you can use the entry form in this booklet. Hard copy forms must be sent or delivered to either of the addresses shown on the form. If you have any questions, please ring 01823 413368 or 07707 451466 or email to entries@tauntonfs.co.uk.
You may only make ONE entry in each class.
Entries are FREE for individual members of Taunton Flower Show and for all young people aged 17 and under. You don’t have to be a member to take part, but if you do wish to join, please use the membership form in this booklet. If you are not a member, please include a cheque or cash to cover your entries to the correct amount or, if you are entering by email or on-line, please pay cash when you collect your entry cards at the show.

c) You should bring your exhibits to the competitive marquee between the times shown in this booklet. NOTE that some exhibits must be made up in the tent, these classes are indicated in this booklet. Make sure you bring everything you may need to stage your exhibits. Remember that pots and vases are NOT supplied (apart from in the rose classes) and you should bring your own.

d) You should collect your entry cards from the control point inside the competitive marquee. Once you have staged your exhibit, place the entry card for that class FACE DOWN with your entry. If you are unsure what to do, please see one of the stewards who will be on duty. Entries in division 11 (Wine and beer) are staged in the wine marquee.

e) All exhibits should be staged as attractively as possible with the exhibits in the best possible condition. Presentation is a key part of the competition and we encourage a high standard.

F) Fruit, flowers and vegetables are judged in accordance with RHS rules (with the exception of division 4, Novices). The floral art classes will be judged to NAFAS standard. The Rose classes will be judged to The Rose Society UK judging standards. See www.therosesociety.org.uk for information. You will find it useful to make yourself familiar with the RHS booklet titled “The Horticultural Show Handbook” which is available from the RHS website and other on-line retailers and contains excellent advice.

g) You MUST have staged all your exhibits and have left the marquee by 7.30am on Friday 5th August. You may NOT remove your exhibits before 5.30pm on Saturday 6th August.

h) Prize money can be collected after 3pm on Saturday from the control point in the marquee. Cups and trophies will be presented in the competitive marquee at 4.30pm on Saturday.

j) If you have any questions and queries at all, please speak to the particular division leader or the helpdesk shown on page 3 by phone or email. Have fun and enjoy yourself! We look forward to seeing you at the show!