2nd & 3rd August 2019
Vivary Park

Floral Marquee Traders

Alchemy Plants

Show Stand Number: 23

A range of seasonal hardy perennials and large ornamental shrubs and climbers

Phone: 01904 345451

British Cactus & Succulent Society Somerset Branch

Show Stand Number: 24

Cacti & other succulents

Phone: 01623 224208

C. Newberry & Sons

Show Stand Number: 15

Patio std roses and climbing /bush roses

Phone: 01438 798650

Fibrex Nurseries Ltd

Show Stand Number: 14

Ferns, Hedera, and named Tuberous Begonias.

Web: www.fibrex.co.uk

Phone: 01789 720788

Growing Old

Show Stand Number: 6

Vegetables and edible plants

Web: www.penardplants.com

Phone: 01749 860039

Hewitt-Cooper Carnivorous Plants

Show Stand Number: 20

Carnivorous Plants.

Web: www.hccarnivorousplants.co.uk

Phone: 01458 832844

Kelnan Plants

Show Stand Number: 11

Restios, South African & Southern Hemisphere Plants

Web: www.kelnanplants.com

Phone: 01736 364311

Kerton Sweet Peas

Show Stand Number: 21

A display of cut sweet pea flowers. You can buy seed to grow your own.

Web: www.kertonsweetpeas.co.uk

Phone: 01278 683517

Mendip Bonsai Studio

Show Stand Number: 10

Mature bonsai trees accompanied with accent plants/complimentary bronze figures

Web: www.mendipbonsai.co.uk

Phone: 01749 344274

New Forest Hostas & Hemerocallis

Show Stand Number: 26

A collections of hostas & hemerocallis, including many rare and choice varieties

Web: newforesthostasandhemerocallis.com

Phone: 7876676960

Pennard Plants

Show Stand Number: 5

fruit trees and edibleplants

Web: www.penardplants.com

Phone: 01749 860039

Richard & Sheena Drane

Show Stand Number: 9

Succulents including cacti and other exotics

Web: cactiandsucculents.co.uk

Phone: 01284 827105

Somerset Sweet Peas

Show Stand Number: 8

Sweet Pea Seeds

Web: www.somersetsweetpeas.com

Phone: 01643 705521

South West Orchid Society

Show Stand Number: 16

Orchids grown by members of the society showing adaptation to worldwide conditions, also development from seed to flowering plant.

Phone: 01278 760016

Andy's Air Plants

Show Stand Number: 17

Bromeliads, Tillandsia, Neoregelia and other genera

Web: www.andysairplants.co.uk

Phone: 07837 573977

Barracott Plants

Show Stand Number: 7

A selection of shade loving perennials, grasses and ferns, supplemented by some summer colour

Web: www.barracottplants.co.uk

Phone: 01822 832234

Floyds Climbers

Show Stand Number: 27


Web: www.floydsclimbers.co.uk

Phone: 01249 823200

H. W. Hyde and Son

Show Stand Number: 25

Liles and Alliums

Web: www.hwhyde.co.uk

Phone: 01189 340011


ferns, seasonal herbaceous & Shrubs

Web: www.kelways.co.uk

Phone: 01458 250521

Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre

Phone: 01823 412381

Palm Exotics

Show Stand Number: 13

Palm trees, Agarves, Bananas, Gingers, and other tropical plants.

Web: www.palms-exotics.co.uk

Phone: 07979 404077

Pheasant Acre Plants

Show Stand Number: 1

Exhibit of Gladioli and Dahlias

Web: www.pheasantacreplants.co.uk

Phone: 01656 664086

Trecanna Nursery

Show Stand Number: 19

Display of Crocosmia, Supported by other bulbs & perennials

Web: www.trecanna.com

Phone: 01822 834680

Tynings Climbers

Show Stand Number: 2

Plants from our National Collections of Jasmin, Thumbergia, Passiflora and Mandevilla. Plus other hardy and tender climbers.

Web: www.tyningsclimbers.co.uk

Phone: 01275 852439

Westdale Nursery

Show Stand Number: 12

Bourgainvillea in a wide range of colours and forms.

Phone: 01225 863258

Sea spring Seeds

Show Stand Number: 22

Chillies,tomatoes and seeds

Web: www.seaspringseeds.co.uk

Phone: 01308 897898

Broadleigh Gardens

Show Stand Number: 18

Cut Agapanthus

Web: broadleighbulbs.co.uk

Phone: 01823 286231

Garden of Japan

Show Stand Number: 3

Orientl garden/Acers/hardy shrubs

Phone: 07737 132214

Chelston Nursery

Show Stand Number: 4

Patio and hanging basket plants

Web: www.chelstonnurseries.co.uk

Phone: 01823 662007