3rd & 4th August 2018 Vivary Park

Gardeners' Question Time

Garden Question Time shot of panel and audience

Taunton Flower Show is proud to continue the Gardener's Question Time feature in the Demonstration Marquee.

Hosted and Chaired by Phil Hodgson from Taunton's Award Winning Community Radio Station, 97.3 Apple FM, the feature will be broadcast LIVE on radio on both days of the Flower Show to the whole of the Taunton Deane so even if you aren't able to able to get to the event you don't have to miss out on the wealth of knowledge in our panel of experts!

Click on this link to see details of our VIP panel guests 

Andrew Pitman  Vic Verrier

Got a Gardening problem...?

Apple FM are inviting questions in advance from members of the public that could be put to the panelists over both days. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that every question sent in will go forward to the panel, but a selection of the best and most interesting questions will be posed to the experts in between the questions asked live in the Demonstration Marquee and you'll be able to tune in to Apple FM on 97.3FM on your radios in the Taunton Deane area, online at www.applefm.co.uk/listen-live/ or via the Apple FM App which can be found at www.applefm.co.uk/app.

So: do you have a droopy Delphinium? Are your Onions 'Orrible? Is your Acer not looking very "Ace"..? Send your emails with your botanical troubles in to

Send your question in advance to


If you are able to include a photo or two then that would be potentially helpful, too!


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