5th & 6th August 2022
Vivary Park

Master Gardener

About the Class

The Taunton Flower Show Master Gardener class is the new most prestigious class for all-round individual gardeners in the show. In the other divisions, individuals can enter either flowers, fruit or vegetables: this new class is the only one that allows them to exhibit a collection of all types together. This competition will be judged on all-round presentation as well as the variety and quality of the exhibits and we anticipate some very impressive entries. This class has been specially designed to enable us to show the most spectacular displays for our visitors and we are looking to encourage a good range of entries.

We are offering £25 prize money for the winner of this class who will also be presented with the Les Pring Memorial Cup.

Hints and tips for entering

You should carefully consider the range of exhibits you wish to include. The class will be judged on the variety of material but also for presentation - so while selecting a good variety, try and select exhibits which complement each other - perhaps in texture or colour.

The class calls for:

  • Two vases of cut flowers
  • A collection of three kinds of vegetables
  • A collection of three kinds of fruit

So you will need to gather the exhibits and plan how you will lay them out in advance of the show. Remember to bring some spares with you and that vases etc are NOT provided.

It is up to you how you lay out and display the exhibits. You may wish to consider trug baskets or much larger supporting boards for the vegtables and dishes or plates for the fruit. Again, carefully consider your display material and try to ensure it complements the exhibits.

If you have any questions, please email us at entries@tauntonfs.co.uk or telephone 01823 413368