5th & 6th August 2022
Vivary Park

Photo hints and tips

Photography is a perennial favourite and always draws a wide variety of exhibits. The photography classes are organised by Mrs Tina Downham

This year, The PORTER DODSON PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE CUP will be awarded to the winner of the Challenge class.

  1. Please read the schedule carefully and ensure that your mount and print adhere to the rules. The paper schedule is the definitive document, this web page is a supplement to the schedule. Entries not conforming to the rules will not be judged.
  2. Classes 701-708 and classes 1041-1045: photographs to be staged between 12.00 noon and 11.00pm on Thursday or between 6.0am and 7.30am on Friday. Velcro sticky fixers, provided by the Flower Show stewards, should be used. Entry cards should be attached with Blu-tak and displayed so that the entrant's name is not visible.
  3. Th eprint size os A5, landscape or portrait. print to edge, borderless.
  4. For the Challenge Class 708 the mount size must be 50cm x 40cm. The photograph can be any size within the mount to achieve the best artistic effect.
  5. For the Junior Photography Challenge Class 1045 the mount must be A4. The photograph can be any size within the mount to achieve the best artistic effect.
  6. Please ensure that your name is on the reverse of the print as well as the mount. This is because sometimes the prints fall off the mounts and we need to know where to put them back!
  7. The image entered must be the work of the competitor. Please only submit recent images.
  8. Please bear in mind that presentation forms an integral part of the competition. This means that the photograph must be neatly mounted and clearly printed.
  9. Mounts should be of black stiff card or mounting board and prints stuck firmly to the mount.
  10. Heavy-weight photographic or photo printing paper should be used to give the best results.
  11. Black and white images will be accepted for all classes (these can be taken on most digital cameras or converted using digital imaging software).
  12. Exhibitors may use digital imaging software to improve the images.
  13. Judging will take into consideration the technical and artistic content of the image and the interpretation of the title. Try to be original!
  14. We wish you all good luck and look forward to seeing you in August.