4th & 5th August 2023
Vivary Park

Plant Village Traders

Bean Place Nursery

Show Stand Number: 8

Summer flowering perennials, grasses ferns and succulents

Email: info@beanplace.co.uk

Web: www.beanplace.co.uk

Phone: 07779 728378

County Flowers ltd

Show Stand Number: 12

House Plants especially Cacti/ Florist Sundries/ Garden Ornaments e.g. Bug, Frog, Hedgehog and Toad Houses

Email: countyflowers@hotmail.com

Web: www.countyflowers.co.uk

Phone: 07876 751213

Cove Garden Nursery

Show Stand Number: 3

A wide range of hardy & seasonal garden plants to suit all locations. Perennials, shrubs, roses, climbers and more.

Email: enquiries@covegardennursery.co.uk

Web: www.covegardennursery.co.uk

Phone: 01398 331946

Gardeners Delight Nursery

Show Stand Number: 5

A large range of perennials, shrubs, alpines and trees all grown on our nursery in Barnstaple.

Email: gardenersdelightnursery@gmail.com

Web: www.onlineperennials.co.uk

Phone: 01271 861461

Kitchen Garden Plant Centre

Show Stand Number: 4

Potted Herbs and Edible plants (possibly seeds)

Email: enquiries@kitchengardenplantcentre.co.uk

Web: www.kitchengardenplantcentre.co.uk

Phone: 07492 903 325

Lands End Nurseries

Show Stand Number: 6

British Hardy grown shrubs and agapanthus & Perennials.

Email: landsendnursery@hotmail.com

Web: Www. Lands End Nurseries.co.uk

Phone: 07977 545882

Mike's Hostas

Show Stand Number: 11

A Hosta nursery from Somerset, specialising in blue varieties, ranging from Blue Mouse Ears to the enormous Empress Wu.

Email: mike@hostas.co.uk

Web: www.hostas.co.uk

Phone: 01823 279702

Millwood Plants

Show Stand Number: 10

Growers of herbaceous perennials, woodlanders and old fashioned roses.

Email: millwoodplants@mail.com

Web: www.millwoodplants.com

Phone: 07756 515084

Parks Perennials

Show Stand Number: 2

Perennial plants including Agapanthus, Thalictrums, Echinacea, Eucomis, Grasses and more.

Email: Parks.perennials@ntlworld.com

Phone: 01202 524464

Petrichor Bulb Specialists

Show Stand Number: 14

A variety of flowering bulbs and bulbous plants in season

Email: info@bulbspecialists.co.uk

Web: www.bulbspecialists.co.uk

Phone: 07500 937363

Piccolo Plants Nursery

Show Stand Number: 7

Piccolo Plants Nursery is a plant nursery located in the village of Branscombe, in South East Devon (UK). The nursery offers a wide variety of beautiful succulents for sale online and on site.

Email: piccoloplants.nursery@gmail.com

Web: www.piccoloplantsnursery.co.uk

Phone: 07722 486750

Spring Meadow Nurseries

Show Stand Number: 9

Hardy perennials, shrubs and alpines all grown in the New Forest. Also Olive & Bay Trees.

Email: richardn82@icloud.com

Phone: 01725 518573

Sunray Plants

Show Stand Number: 1

350+ own varieties of Sempervivums and a selection of hardy Restios including Devon Dawn & Devon Glade

Email: sunrayplantsnursery@gmail.com

Web: SunrayPlants.co.uk

Phone: 01626 873776

Totally Potty About Succulents

Show Stand Number: 13

A small scale business with a range of handmade cement plant pots and a variety of succulents.

Email: totallypotty@hotmail.com

Web: www.totallypotty.com

Phone: 07527 270045