6th & 7th August 2021
Castle Green

Ready, Steady, Garden! Competition

This innovative competition designed by Mrs Kath Crouch is unique to Taunton Flower Show.

The 2012 Ready Steady Garden competition winner, Tracey JamesReady Steady Garden Sponsored by Wellington Slabs
The Cann Cup (Friday) and the Kearle Cup (Saturday) are awarded for the best garden.

Each day two teams of two gardeners will create a patio garden in one hour. Wellington Slabs has kindly laid two patios in spaces 2.5m square, covering approximately two thirds of the area with hard landscaping and leaving the remaining area empty - just waiting to be pimped
with plants!
The gardeners will have matching sets of plants. After time to think about their design and select their plants they will start to plant. After one hour the gardens will be judged and the cup and prizes presented.
When the Show closes on Friday the gardens will be dismantled and the plants and spaces made ready for Saturday's competition.

On Saturday the plants will be sold off at 5pm. 


Competitors and Winners

2014 - 2016 winners - not yet added to this page


Not held


Friday: Tracey James (Winner); Gaynor Broadbent (Runner up)

Saturday: Tracey Clement and Rebecca Young (winners); Stephen Tate (Runner up)


Friday: Sally Hebeler (Winner); Clifford Cheesman (Runner up)

Saturday: Gavin English (Winner); Richard Fox and Steve Hayward (Runner up)


Friday: White Post Nursery (Winner); James Coles of J C Plants (Runner up)

Saturday: Stuart Hendrich (Cannington College) (Winner)


Friday: Rosemary and David Freemantle (Winner); Sam Leaney (Runner up)

Saturday: Nicky Saunter (Winner);


Friday: Jenny Short Garden Design (Winner); Mark Walker (Runner up)

Saturday: Avery Garden Services (Winner); Daniel Beer (Runner up)


Friday: Kath Crouch (Winner); Sally Leaney (Runner Up)

There was no Saturday competition in 2007.