2nd & 3rd August 2019
Vivary Park

Rural Crafts


Show Stand Number: C1

A selection of handmade wooden items, including boot jacks, traditional seed trays and other items will be for sale. While an ongoing demonstration of spoke making as part of the process of constructing a wooden cart wheel will be carried out. Please feel free to come and ask questions!

Email: gavinsgraham@gmail.com

Cane Corner

Show Stand Number: C2

Cane Corner has been trading since 1985, professionally reseating antique and modern chairs with split cane and rush, seagrass and Danish cord. There will be an all day demonstration of chair seating with split cane. On display/for sale will be a selection of restored antique chairs. Commissions will be accepted.

Email: brigittegraham48@gmail.com

Web: www.canecorner.co.uk

Elaine Marks Willow Sculpture

Show Stand Number: C3

Elaine's hobby and passion is making willow sculptures, mainly large animals made using traditional Somerset willow over a metal frame. She will be working on a framed sculpture throughout the show and happyt ot chat about work and give tips. Commissions will also be taken for large sculptures. Smaller sculptures will be available to buy on the day.

Email: elainemarks@icloud.com

Web: www.elainemarkswillowsculpture.co.uk

Phone: 07402831636

Somerset Stickmakers

Show Stand Number: C4

Throughout the day Rob will be explaining and working on walking sticks using different woods and unusual materials. For 2018 he will demonstrate the carving of animal head handles, and at 11:30am and 3:30pm will also demonstrate the art of letter carving. Some walking sticks will be for sale.

Email: robhodlam@yahoo.co.uk

Web: www.sticks.org.uk

W. A. Pinder Ironworks

Show Stand Number: C5

See a working blacksmith at his forge throughout the day turning red hot metal into household and garden items. Everything is hand forged using age old techniques and original Victorian equipment. A range of decorateive and practical items are available for sale or ask me about bespoke metalwork to order.

Email: willpinder@googlemail.com

Web: facebook/wapinderironworks

Phone: 07554149694

Bob Page Rocking Horses Developments

Show Stand Number: C6

Bob will be demonstrating at hourly intervals throughout the day rocking horses in the process of being dressed including sanding down, painting and the finishing touches. Items for sale will also inlcude animal carvings as well.

Email: bobpage66@yahoo.co.uk

Web: wiveliscomberockinghorses.co.uk

Phone: 01984 623043

West Country Blacksmiths

Show Stand Number: C7

The Blacksmiths of West Country Blacksmiths will be undertaking traditional blacksmithing demonstrations throught both days of the show on their coal forge. They will be making and selling a wide range of metalwork for the home and garden from keyrings to garden furniture.

Email: info@westcountryblacksmiths.co.uk

Web: www.westcountryblacksmiths.co.uk

Phone: 07548212289

Eeles Family Pottery

Show Stand Number: C8

Red hot raku pots are extracted from the kiln at 1000 degrees centigrade then placed on sawdust that instantaneously combusts into flames. The flames react with the copper oxide on the pot to give you lustre rainbow effects. Demonstrations will take place continuously throughout the day.

Email: eelespottery@aol.com

Phone: 07443859454

Rainbow Glass

Show Stand Number: C9

Examples of work will be on display with continuous demonstrations of the processes involved in making standed glass panels throughout the day. 2pm full demonstration. There will also be glass nuggets for children to paint.

Email: avrilsilk@aol.com

Web: www.avrilsrainbowglass.com

Phone: 07864 704137