6th & 7th August 2021
Castle Green

Rural Crafts

Bob Page Rocking Horses Developments

Show Stand Number: C6

The display of bespoke rocking horses and hand-crafted animal wood carvings. Each rocking horse is hand carved from quality timber and individually styled and coloured to specific customer specifications. The demonstrations will include dressing, sanding, rubbig down, tacking up, fixing of manes and tails etc

Email: bobpage66@yahoo.co.uk

Web: wiveliscomberockinghorses.co.uk

Phone: 07812177161

Cane Corner

Show Stand Number: C1

Cane Corner has been trading since 1985, professionally reseating antique and modern chairs with split cane and rush, seagrass and Danish cord. There will be an all day demonstration of chair seating with split cane. On display/for sale will be a selection of restored antique chairs. Commissions will be accepted.

Email: brigittegraham48@gmail.com

Web: www.canecorner.co.uk

Phone: 0

Forged in Willow

Show Stand Number: C7

I will be creating a visual stand with willow and metal sculptures. Some of which will be available to purchase and some as a demo of the craft. I can make a sculpture during the two days to showcase how I work and would like to offer people the chance to make a simple flower tray/trug basket in the afternoon for a fee. I feel this would be in keeping with the event.

Email: jojo.sadler@hotmail.co.uk

Web: josadlerwillowartist.bigcartel.com

Phone: 07531 417209

Puddled Stone

Show Stand Number: C3

Stone carver using traditional hand tools. Carving sedimentary rocks, limestone and sandstone. Each piece is bespoke. Sculptural, heads, Celtic knottworks, obelisks, green man, memorials, sundials, feature garden sculptures and bird baths. Norse and Medieval influenced. Commission work undertaken. Small or large commissions undertaken. Demonstrating all day on both days.

Email: davemowog@hotmail.com

Web: www.itsdaft.weebly.com

Phone: 07403 923510

Rainbow Glass

Show Stand Number: C9

Examples of work will be on display with continuous demonstrations of the processes involved in making standed glass panels throughout the day. 2pm full demonstration. There will also be glass nuggets for children to paint.

Email: avrilsilk@aol.com

Web: www.avrilsrainbowglass.com

Phone: 07864 704137

Somerset Stickmakers

Show Stand Number: C4

At the show I will be working on walking and working sticks showing how they are made using many types of wood and other materials, also carving animal heads for handles. Sticks for repair will also be undertaken. Some of the sticks will be for sale.

Email: robhodlam@yahoo.co.uk

Web: www.sticks.org.uk

Phone: 0

W. A. Pinder Ironworks

Show Stand Number: C5

A working traditional blacksmith's forge. Everything is hand forged using age old techniques and original Victorian equipment. A range of decorative and practical items for the home and garden are available for sale or ask me about bespoke metalwork to order.

Email: willpinder@googlemail.com

Web: facebook/wapinderironworks

Phone: 07554149694

West Country Blacksmiths

Show Stand Number: C8

West Country Blacksmiths are a uniquely talented team of craftsmen, whose skills are second to none. Harnessing the vision, skills and experience of top blacksmiths alongside some of the most talented engineers, metalworkers, coded welding experts and designers which allows West Country Blacksmiths to offer a wide range of unique service. Based in the National Trust forge of Allerford, positioned on the edge of Exmoor in Somerset and work both locally and national on a range of project and specialise in artistic, architectural and bespoke design projects. The blacksmiths will be undertaking traditional blacksmithing displays throughout the The show, as well as displaying a range of items they have made for the home and garden. They welcome you to come and see the range of quality work they produce and invite any questions or enquires you may have. To view a full range of work and to find out more about the team please visit – www.westcountryblacksmiths.co.uk.

Email: info@westcountryblacksmiths.co.uk

Web: www.westcountryblacksmiths.co.uk

Phone: 07548212289


Show Stand Number: C2

A selection of handmade wooden items, including boot jacks, traditional seed trays and other items will be for sale. While an ongoing demonstration of spoke making as part of the process of constructing a wooden cart wheel will be carried out. Please feel free to come and ask questions!

Email: gavinsgraham@gmail.com

Web: 0

Phone: 0

Wire & Willow Sculpture

Show Stand Number: C10

Wire & Willow Sculptures Recycled wire Sculptures I am located in Taunton Somerset. I specialise in Wire &Willow design handmade use recycled wire and Somerset willow . Sculptures can be designed for either indoor or outdoor display And I run open workshop too at the show and and my workshop. Come see me or visit www.foncosens.co.uk

Email: info@foncosens.co.uk

Web: www.foncosens.co.uk

Phone: 01823 421698